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“Gratitude Is The New Sexy” Unisex Tee



You have a superpower...and it's sexiest thing on Earth.

Yep, a The Hulk’s strength, Wonder Woman's warrior mindset, and Superman’s ability to fly.

Your superpower, you ask? The sexy superpower of gratitude.

Through the simplest acts of expressing gratitude, you have the power to make another human being feel good.

When you express gratitude towards another person, it not only makes them feel appreciated, happy and loved, but in making another person feel such a way it you are left with an addictive thirst for more.

Unlike other superpowers, gratitude does not need recharging, regeneration or rest and never runs out; rather the opposite. The more you give, the more you give away!


Don’t worry. You don’t need to get bit by a radioactive spider or fall into a vat of toxic waste. The superpower of gratitude is simply a choice; and when you choose to make someone else feel good, you feel good.

And what's sexier than making other people feel good, and feeling good yourself?

I can't think of anything.


Consciously perform a random act of kindness at some point throughout the day.

Write someone a handwritten letter and mail it (Yes, a real letter.  You know the ones, with good old fashion pen and paper)
Thank your parents for giving you life.
Say the words thank you more and actually mean it.
Look your sibling in the eye and tell them why you appreciate them.
Give a bear hug to your best friend and don’t let go.
Passionately kiss your soulmate.
Lend someone a smile.
Give that compliment to the person sitting next to you in the coffee shop.
Hold open the door for the person behind you (even if they are still 15 feet away forcing them into that awkward jog).
Say hello to a complete stranger.
Call someone by their name.
Make eye contact when having a conversation.
Stop and ask how someone is doing and actually mean it.
Call up your grandparents (it means more to them than you ever know).
Send someone in your contact list a text letting them know you are thinking of them.
Take an interest in someone else’s interests.
Ask questions.
Truly listen to what someone has to say.
Resist the urge to use digital pacifier and turn your phone on airplane mode when you are out with friends.
Leave a big tip for a waiter...just because.
Drop a quarter in someone’s expired meter.
Empathize shamelessly.
When you hear that negative, discouraging voice in your head – leave yourself alone, you deserve kindness too!
With great power, comes great responsibility.

Never underestimate your superpower.

The smallest acts tend to go the farthest way.

Like all things in life, you must practice your superpower and exercise it regularly to grow...and there is always opportunity to do so.

When you are are out and about today listen to that voice in your head whispering, “Do it.” Act with passion and save the day. It’s up to you.

Gratitude is the best gift in the world, because as you give, you receive.

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With Unconditional LOVE,

Rachele Brooke Smith & The Disruptive Team




Our fitted cotton/poly tee should be a staple of everyone’s wardrobe. These tees are perfect when worn on their own, but also a great wear as a layer. The cotton/poly blend makes for a durable wear and a form-fit that won’t change after a few washes and dries.

  • 60% cotton/40% polyester| Fabric weight: 4.3 oz (midweight)
  • Set-in 1x1 baby rib collar
  • Tear-away label for added comfort
  • Form-fitting silhouette
  • Imported garment; processed and printed in the U.S.A.