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"Disruptive clothing makes me feel good. Not only do i feel comfortable i also feel beautiful. I am reminded to stay positive when i wear it."

"The disruptive apparel is not only fashionable and comfortable clothing, but also serves as a daily reminder to myself of being disruptive in all aspects of my life. Wearing the apparel makes me not only feel confident in ways of looking good, but I also have confidence knowing that I am part of a movement and community with an empowering message and purpose that is bigger than just myself."



I just wanted to say thank you again for coming, you are such an inspiration! I love everything about your “be disruptive” campaign and it really hit home for me.
Hannah Narburgh
: Hi Rachele! I am a student at the University of Maryland and a CHAARG girl. I was at the studio spotlight with you on thursday the 2nd and I just wanted to reach out to you to tell you how thankful I am for everything you said! It was the best motivational speech and it really uplifted me. I have always struggled with insecurities and thinking I'm not good enough, but after Rachele’s disruptive speech it gave me such a better perspective and I couldn't thank you enough for being there and sharing! You're such an inspiration and i admire you so much!
Taylor Sutor
"Just wanted to share quick story. I went to James Avery yesterday and when I went to check one of the woman said she liked my shirt (I had on my Be Disruptive t-shirt) I said thank you and then told her what it meant. (Disrupt negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. And get out of your comfort zone. She said she liked that. The other sales woman said yes she heard of it and she liked it very much. So just wanted to let you know your message to "Be Disruptive " is out there 😀 Thanks for all your positive emails and messages. I think you are awesome!!!"
"I want to share a quick story about shirts I bought from you. I met a friend for lunch and she commented on the cute shirt I was wearing.  Then she gave me a hug . When  she pulled back she said "Omg this shirt is so soft where did you get it, I want one" So now I am getting her one for here birthday which is right before Christmas. I love my shirts and now will be sharing with my friends.  Lol of course while I'm ordering I may as well get myself something too 😉" Casey Frost