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About Disruptive

Disruptive Apparel is more than just a brand, it’s a visual movement with a message. Powered by super comfy, inspirational gear with insanely cool content, each piece celebrates and empowers those who think differently, view life through a creative lens, crave being a part of something bigger, and who disrupt negativity for positive change. All apparel encourages “disruptive thinking” and creative living to empower entertainers and entrepreneurs to discover their inner & outer strength, celebrate their unique gifts and talents, and create a passion-filled extraordinary life. Sexy. Smart. Soulfully Successful. #BeDisruptive

About Our Founder

Rachele Brooke Smith

As an actress and inspiring role model, Rachele Brooke Smith has an extensive background in the entertainment industry, as evidenced by her starring roles in a variety of films, television, and national ad campaigns and partnerships. After having a life-changing experience while viewing Center Stage as a child, Rachele went on to breathe life into her dreams by starring in the sequel to that very movie: Center Stage: Turn It Up and continuing to be cast in leading roles in feature films such as Bring It On: Fight to the Finish and guest starring in shows such as Scream Queens and Two and a Half Men. While gracing the screen with her infectious smile and can-do attitude, and leading workshops with her impressive dance and athletic background, Rachele has also continued to expand her creative pursuits and has lead others in spreading her message of Disrupting the System, Doing What You Love, and Discovering a Passion-Filled Extraordinary Life.  

With the launching of Disruptive Academy, Rachele has constructed a way to connect with people all over the world who want to grow, create, and inspire their communities. Rachele has had the amazing opportunity to coach clients one-on-one and in group settings, allowing her to affect incredible change in numerous people’s lives. Through working with her, Rachele’s clients have found the confidence, guidance, and support to start their own businesses, reframe their mindsets, revamp their wellness routines, and learned to create a life that they adore living. 

Rachele earned her degree in Psychology. Not only does she keep up with current research in exercise, mindfulness, nutrition, entrepreneurship, acting, and other creative pursuits, but Rachele has also assembled a super awesome team that specializes in these topics and more! When not acting, Rachele is spreading her Disruptive Movement, stays active in humanitarian aid, and volunteers her time to organizations benefiting the homeless, women, and children in need. Rachele’s goal is to spread her philosophy of using the arts and athletics as therapy for life and has been traveling around the country doing motivational speaking engagements, teaching master classes in dance to kids and teens, and producing her motivational web show "#BeDisruptive." 

The Disruptive Movement is Rachele’s mission to share ways to stay healthy, live happy, and encourage others to believe in their personal power to make their goals a reality. She created Disruptive Apparel to provide this community with a physical reminder to spread positive change throughout the world. Weekly videos are produced featuring her behind the scenes as she goes after her dream of becoming an award winning actress, doing dance and fitness tutorials, and teaching others how to create a life that they are excited to wake up for everyday. She aspires to be a positive role model for all those who have eyes on her.