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IMperfect Crop Tank



What do you see first...”Im Perfect” Or “imperfect” ???? Perception is powerful. What you focus on expands. We see what we want to see. When we choose to focus on things that empower us... life get waaaaayyyy better!!!! Grab this ridiculously comfortable crop tank now to remind yourself and others around you to always focus on what you want rather than what you don't want. 

Choose to be perfectly imperfect! 

What you wear effects the way you feel... wear gear that empowers you!

Made from recycled water bottles, this new ridiculously comfortable crop tank is a must have!!! 

86% Repreve Polyester

14% Spandex

Water Resistant

Eco-Friendly: Each item is made with approximately 6 recycled water bottles.

Ridiculously Comfortable and the coolest color texture ever.